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Amager Bryghus - The Viking

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Amager Bryghus Denemarken - The Viking Oatmeal Stout 50cl. 5,7%Vol.

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Amager Bryghus Denemarken - The Viking Oatmeal Stout 50cl. 5,7%Vol. Mooie klassieke Oatmeal Stout uit Denemarken, gebrouwen met top ingredienten. Op dit moment is er nog geen rating op ratebeer.com, maar dat zal niet lang meer duren. Op de fles prijkt:The Vikings are known from Russia to North America as eminent sailors and navigators. But one Viking expedition led by the brave Deirik the Disoriented has always puzzled historians, because it simply vanished completely. Today we know better. Wanting to take his whole crew to see Cats the Musical on Broadway, Deirik simply took a wrong turn in the middle of the Atlantic. His navigational sunstone claimed they were going west, but in reality their course was much more southerly. When the exhausted crewmen finally caught sight of land, a feeling of joy and relief went through everybody, as the land seemed both warm, fertile and welcoming. So the frustration was immense when they were welcomed on shore, not by local beauties covering them in flowers, but by a flock of portly and pink Scotsmen wearing nothing but overly tight trunks. The Vikings, tired from the long cruise, mercifully refrained from killing the unkilted Clansmen, and the two nations actually lived in peace for a few weeks. One night however, a heated discussion as to whether Brewdog or Mikkeller was the best beer in the world led to hostilities breaking out. The battle went on for days in what has been called The Great Nordic War in the Tropics, until only a few Vikings were left standing as the lone survivors. Their destiny however is shrouded in a mist of mystery. But the ticket girl at Cats on Broadway insists that she never sold one single ticket to a Viking for the whole nine years the show ran. Leuke fles en afbeelding met een hele goede klassieke oatmeal stout erin!

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